Microsoft socl social network comes out in public beta

Microsoft has just announced the launch version beta of its social network socl. Thus allows anyone with a Facebook account or Passport keep an eye on their social network.

Microsoft socl social network

The project was born last July when it launched internally and in some universities in October. This time as, it may be proved by any user. It has an aesthetic that focuses on images rather than by the traditional links, images to after are a universal language.

This way you can meet new users via posts, gallery, user pages, where you can see all the information centrally thereof in Microsoft socl social network site.

There is a bar navigation on items that are created with the type of post that is, it is good video, news, web, etc. In addition, users can create what is known as “parties” that amounts to a solution equivalent to “Google Hangouts” a chat room where you can watch videos and listen to music at the same time, among others. This was all regarding Microsoft socl social network, so if you are not a part of it, go try it and explore the new fun.

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