Microsoft strictly limited the number of partners to run Windows RT

Microsoft will launch Windows RT in the autumn as announced and its own line of tablets Surface. Along with it, or until the end of this year, their own products based on the new platform, and will present with some of the partners of the company, and in very limited quantities, according to Unwired View, referring to the division of the Chinese Economic Times.

Windows RT

In particular, the corporation has allowed producers SoC based on ARM architecture selected by the two companies, which represent the first tablets were filled with their hardware and Windows RT. So, NVIDIA has supported Lenovo and ASUS, Texas Instruments has chosen Toshiba, and Qualcomm – Samsung and HP. Although U.S. PC manufacturer refused to honor among the first to release a Windows RT tablet and decided to focus on solutions based on x86 architecture with a full OS Windows 8 on the board. Thus, instead of HP can pick up the baton to Dell.
Windows RT will be released on October 26 this year and at the same time it will go on sale as its own tablets of Microsoft and the solution from ASUS. Taiwanese manufacturer of the product will offer a series of Transformer. The release date Windows RT tablets from other manufacturers is not yet reported.

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