Microsoft Surface 2 Pro 11.6” and Surface 2 RT 8.6” tablets: Specs & Features

Microsoft is preparing already the second generation of electronic tablets sold under private label Surface, with significant changes as your screen size and major hardware providers would now AMD and Qualcomm, so soon we will hear official about Microsoft Surface 2 Pro and Surface 2 RT.

Microsoft Surface 2
In the strategic commitment to become (almost) in a second Apple and under the battle cry of ‘Devices, Devices, Devices’ , Microsoft will continue to make and market hardware and a Xbox gaming tablet or smartphone itself, and here comes the information regarding the Microsoft Surface 2 Pro and Surface 2 RT.

Few of the hardware specs of Microsoft Surface 2 Pro and Surface 2 RT have been out, so here is the story According to information (speculation) Microsoft maintained the development of the two versions (RISC and x86) but for the first replace by Qualcomm and NVIDIA in the second to Intel by AMD APU as the protagonists, a chip that incidentally, tablets would be ideal.

Another highlight would be the changes in their screen sizes. In the model ARM stoop to the 8.6 inches surely Android competing with economic, while in the second case increase up to 11.6 inch screen to provide a tablet-ultrabook hybrid larger than the current Surface Pro.

This was all regarding Microsoft Surface 2 Pro & RT, so stay tuned for more, we will bring exclusive information soon.

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