Microsoft Surface does not convince us: Review & Performance

Very late in the tablet segment Microsoft finally replica Apple and Google with Microsoft Surface a model that meet the challenge of the use of the tablet and the computer. Well, its weapons original Keyboard, operating system (Windows RT) with two faces – moving half and half classic Windows – and the Office suite 2013. A gamble but all together is not really convincing.


Microsoft Surface

The construction of the Microsoft Surface tablet is neat: the hull is designed in a stylish matte black metal and connectivity is rich. Unlike the iPad is discovered with pleasure that can plug directly into a USB, or even an external display – via expensive adapters. The touch screen is particularly responsive if not very defined – only 1366 x 768 points against 2048 x 1536 points for the iPad with Retina display. Its processor is not a conventional computer processor – Windows as the term might suggest – but an Nvidia Tegra 3, that is to say, a smart mobile phone processor! Which is supported by 2 GB RAM and, depending on the version, 32 or 64 GB for storage. Amount of memory that is also in its first Surface: between Windows installed and the section reserved for the system recovery, it remains only respectively 16 and 48 GB free. Fortunately, a card slot Micro-SDXC memory can expand your memory a bit! Also honors for battery backup: 10 hours, according to tests, for surfing over Wi-Fi, close to 9 h 15 for video playback.
Tablet and computer, with or without keyboard

Microsoft Surface

A special feature of the area is the presence of a foot, a metal plate mounted on a hinge which is used to support the craft. Practice to watch a movie on the plane, take a video call with Skype. Or literally transform its use, since it is sufficient to add a magnetic keyboard (optional) and area turns into a real little laptop! Keyboard side, two models are available: the first called touch cover is superfine and dedicated to occasional use, called the second kind cover is a bit thicker but with real keys for typing longer supported. Our advice: forget the touch cover with its shot slow and uncomfortable and prefer such cover, far more enjoyable and much more efficient. Problem of Microsoft Surface is the optional keyboard, is very expensive: 130 euros! An unacceptable price for a tablet that already costs 600 euros (32 GB) with the keyboard cover touch base.
Office suite like on a real PC … almost

Microsoft Surface

Transformed into a PC, Microsoft Surface argues, however, a strong argument: it includes the Microsoft Office 2013. Unlike the iPad, which initially targeted individuals, surface of the eye is also the pros: the presence of Office can consider to go on vacation because computer can easily edit Word, Excel PowerPoint or as with a standard PC, which is not the case with software suites that can be found on the iPad and other Android tablets. Except that modest performance processor makes use of Office less pleasant than on a PC. It has been slow in many Word! And do not think the keyboard is an option that you can actually pass: without this same, classic Windows desktop is difficult to use. Icons and buttons are too small – a few millimeters – to provide comfortable handling.
Incompatible with Windows apps

Microsoft Surface

But it is especially the fishing side software of Microsoft Surface tablet. It joined the Office suite, but the Windows RT does not support the traditional Windows programs. For this you will need to wait for the launch in early 2013, versions of Windows 8 standard size (not RT). And it’s a safe bet that these tablets are more expensive, less endurance and heavier than the Microsoft Surface running current Windows RT. The only programs are available on the Windows Store, and the choice is stingy. If Microsoft software and services – Skype, Office, SkyDrive, etc.. – Are present, many major software are missing: no browser other than Internet Explorer, some games, etc.. The catalog should grow in the coming months, but for now it does not compare favorably with that of Android and Apple. And even more so that the software available is not very stable under all RT Windows. Experienced several crashes during testing the music player sputtered, as the web browser and some games even though theoretically quite simple to perform. Microsoft still has work to do to optimize the performance and stability of the system. Beyond correcting these problems, Microsoft has mostly erred in ergonomics: Windows RT is certainly aesthetics but it is too complex. Its streamlined interface, limit arid climate primer text on icons. Must be read carefully in order to identify options unlike iOS and Android icons which include a simple glance.


The verdict

Ultimately, if we did get a joy to see a serious competitor to Apple and Google, we must admit that we are disappointed by Microsoft Surface. As it stands, the tablet Microsoft Surface can not overshadow the iPad or Android tablets, even with the advantage of the Office suite.

This was all regarding the Microsoft Surface, according to us it doesn’t win the tag of “recommended product” we would say wait for the Microsoft Surface Windows 8 version releasing in early 2013 that can turn the situation, overall design is nice but it lacks flexibility.

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