Microsoft Surface for $ 499 will be there on October 26

Ten days before the release of Windows 8, which will be held simultaneously with the launch of the tablet, and Microsoft, the company has identified the cost of its unusual device, and confirmed the date of the start of its sales. First Microsoft Surface will go on sales in the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong on the Friday, 26 October.

Microsoft Surface
But the most interesting question – is the cost of the tablet. At the time, Microsoft Surface project hiding from the partners, and when it was announced, it was slow to disclose the price of the final product, promising that it will be competitive. Now this promise can be tested in practice. 32-gigabyte model will cost users $ 499. The kit does not include a proprietary keyboard cover-Touch Cover. For it will have to pay another $ 100 and for the same price offered in a special accessory bundle with the tablet. Thus, the Microsoft Surface offers $ 100 less than a similar amount of internal flash memory Apple iPad.
There is also a Microsoft Surface 64-gigabyte model, which costs and comes with Touch Cover. Separately for protective keyboard accessory would have to pay $ 119. Hard version, Type Cover, will cost $ 10 more. Microsoft is already taking pre-orders for the tablet on its official website. Recall that in this case we are talking about the device based on the ARM hardware platform and software Windows RT. Full x86-version of the device that can replace a laptop, you will be seeing in three months after the release of ARM Surface.

Adding that Microsoft has big plans for the novelty Microsoft Surface. Before the end of the year the company intends to put on the market from three to five million Microsoft Surface.

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