Microsoft Surface Phone in hand path of Foxconn

There are a lot of rumors taking fire regarding the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone Windows Phone 8 smartphone. And here we have good news of WP8 fans that Foxconn, which is one of the major Apple products manufacturer will be be the producer of smartphone software giant, Microsoft Surface Phone.

Microsoft Surface Phone

All indications are that it is only a matter of time for the arrival of Microsoft’s own smartphone, marketed under the brand Surface and Windows Phone OS 8 or later, depending on its final release date.

And after the testing phase, reach mass production by Foxconn even as Apple does, Microsoft would be in absolute control from materials selection, design, integration services and software and hardware. Basically to avoid disasters like the Kin…

We have no confirmation of Microsoft’s marketing of Microsoft Surface Phone which could again upset their partners, in this case mainly Nokia and HTC. The smartphone would follow Google’s Nexus whose latest model is sweeping the market to have a spectacular price.

Will a Microsoft take similar strategy to subsidize the Microsoft Surface Phone Windows Phone 8, still a question?

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