Microsoft Surface Pro Vs. MacBook Air

Microsoft recently confirmed the price of future Microsoft Surface Pro devices, hybrid tablet and Ultrabook that will be based on an Intel processor and also be governed by a full version of Windows 8, unlike current models, the Microsoft Surface RT Windows.

Microsoft Surface Pro vs Apple MacBook Air
The price of $ 899 without the famous Touch Cover seems somewhat high by today’s standards, but bear in mind that we have a product that brings (or tries to) the best of all worlds for tablet and ultrabook offers a solution really versatile.
Precisely at BGR have made a comparison with the 11.6-inch MacBook Air that Apple currently sells, and the truth is that depending on the features and the final price ($ 1,018.99 for the Surface Pro MacBook Air $ 999) one realizes that this difference of $ 20 is not important.

Microsoft Surface Pro vs Apple MacBook Air
Especially considering the fact that the MacBook Air, despite all its benefits and advantages, cannot become a tablet something that does offer the Surface Pro.

On paper of course this comparison makes clear that the new Microsoft Surface Pro may become very capable devices, but will have to see if its performance, range and catalog software can compete in an increasingly tough market.

As earliest possible for us, we will publish a complete review of Microsoft Surface Pro and will bring complete comparison between Microsoft Surface Pro vs MacBook Air.

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