Microsoft Surface tablet price will be comparable to the price of computers

After analyzing the cost of components that are used in the manufacturing of Microsoft Surface tablet running Windows RT, from different resources analysts have concluded that the price of these devices will be comparable to the price of traditional PCs.

Microsoft Surface
Thus, the resource Tech-Thoughts published approximate cost components tablet Microsoft Surface. This model is based on the processor architecture-based ARM, which has relatively cheap components, the price is $ 21.00. The most expensive component is the display ($ 66.95) and the touch pad ($ 43.71). It also significantly increases the cost of the USB flash memory, 32 GB which costs $ 33.60. The cost of memory is $ 13.90, a camera – $ 4.10, module interfaces and sensors – $ 15.00, Battery – $ 25.74, other components – $ 63.48. The cost of additional accessories included in the package (charger, cable USB) is $ 5.50. Thus, the cost of the components Microsoft Surface tablet with Windows RT is $ 298.82. Costs associated with the assembly unit, valued at $ 10. Consequently, the value of direct costs to manufacture the tablet Microsoft Surface is $ 308.82. The calculation does not include the cost for the development, delivery, and marketing. Hence, the assumption is that the minimum recommended retail price of Microsoft Surface tablet model without a complete keyboard can be $ 399, which will provide gross margin of 23%. The actual price will range from $ 399 to $ 499, which is comparable to notebooks and entry-level computer.

Microsoft Surface

As for the tablet version of Microsoft Surface Pro, which uses a standard version of Windows, allow you to run the available desktop applications, the cost of such a model will be slightly higher. This is explained by the use of more expensive processor Intel Core i5-based architecture x86. Calculating the cost of the components of the device is not given, it is expected that its recommended retail price will range from $ 799 to $ 899, which is comparable to the price quite productive desktop or laptop computer capable of performing a wide range of tasks. In this case, the price is also included for a complete set without the keyboard. This was all regarding the price of Microsoft Surface.

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