Microsoft Surface tablet with Windows RT priced at $199?

Interesting rumors around the tablet Microsoft Surface, written by Engadget, citing an unnamed source, during a conference held and closed session, in which all details have been disclosed to run. According to this information, the company plans to start selling Windows RT Surface to October 26 for $ 199. With this price tablet Microsoft should compete with Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire.

Microsoft Surface

Sounds like a promise to the candidates before the election, is not it? At Microsoft, perhaps planning to release a cheaper version of the tablet, but it is a very high probability, there will be one Surface, which the company reported earlier. It’s the economy, ASUS on a maximum cheaper Nexus 7, and then, for $ 199 tablet Google sells at cost. To turn the same trick with a 10-inch model that comes with the cover / keyboard, except that you can at a loss. And okay, if it could conceive a big effect on sales of Google and Amazon. But in fact, cheaper Microsoft Surface will kill the germ of all the initiatives of its partners, who certainly did not plan to produce tablets at a loss. Therefore, the output will come in October of this year, the tablet for $ 199 from Microsoft is possible only if the company deliberately decided to break with their partners.

This version, by the way, is also likely, since just over a month ago, at the conference, which attracted around 15 thousand employees of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer first described the company not as a developer Software, as well as the creator of Devices & Services. Thus, if earlier it was possible to guess whether Microsoft will compete with companies that manufacture computers based on its OS, with the change of strategy, it cannot even doubt.

Nevertheless, the information published authoritative publication DigiTimes, citing the words of CEO Acer JT Wang, says that Microsoft is looking for ways to minimize the impact on the Microsoft Surface of the partners. What kind of methods is still unknown? But, according to Wong, the solution may be just the cost; at a cost of $ 499 – $ 599 Microsoft Surface effects on the Microsoft partners will not be as significant as for $ 199.

I recall that during the announcement Microsoft Surface refused to name the price of tablets, saying only that it will be comparable to the cost of similar solutions on the market. But that’s just what this decision, no one said, they are already on the market too much, and the price ranges from $ 199 to $ 1,500. Whatever it was, Surface for $ 199, most likely, will remain a rumor, but it does not mean that in 2013 Microsoft did not try to compete with the cheaper tablets. So, stocked popcorn, waiting for us and all the hottest October 2013, at present Microsoft Surface Windows RT tablet for $199 is just a rumour for us.

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