Microsoft Surface x86 Tablet with Windows 8 Coming Soon

Indeed, rumors are right! Microsoft is being in tablet business including its Microsoft Surface x86 tablet type. At the Los Angeles press event, the company announced the product would be based on Windows 8.

Microsoft Surface x86

The Press event revealed as well that Microsoft Surface x86 tablet would contain a 10.6 inch display and a load of 1.5 lbs. This device is 9.3 millimeter thick and allegedly the first device with magnesium case that comes with a kickstand. Also, Microsoft release covers for tablets that include a keyboard. Inside it contains an ARM base processor produced by Pro Version and NVIDIA of Microsoft Surface. The Microsoft press release says that Windows 8 pro versions will come out ninety days after. The cost would also be announced afterward, though Microsoft claims it’ll be more competitive in the market.

Microsoft Surface x86 Display

Microsoft Surface’s simply loaded with HD capacity touch screen with 10.6 inch display and has a resolution of around 1366 by 768 pixels offering extreme clarity of an HD. Also, the display features a multi touch which will let you run handset by just rolling your hands in the display. It gives you a better experience as well. You can find 2 versions of this–one is being powered with an ARM processor including Windows 8 Metro UI, while the other is run by an Intel processor plus Windows 8 professionals. Undoubtedly, with the Intel processor, quicker processing speed would be gained and works in the computer.

Microsoft Surface x86 Cost

Microsoft Surface comes with 32 gigabytes internal memory. It offers sufficient space to store files and personal data, along with that if you also feel like you need to have extra spaces; you can extend the memory to 32 gigabytes more, simply by having a micro SD card on it. As a result, there would be no problems in terms of memory storage for your extra stuffs.

Microsoft Surface x86 Connectivity

For connectivity, the Surface is supported with Wi-Fi connection so you can connect it in a high speed net. However, it will also have GPS and Bluetooth. It supports a range of multi-media format and filled with high-quality standard battery that offers better backup.

The availability of the product in Asia and other parts of the world is still unknown, but you can order the device through online shops. Microsoft will just announce and update the cost of this tablet in the market. This was all regarding the Windows 8 running Microsoft Surface x86 tablet which would be hitting in the beginning of 2013.

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