Microsoft: We will not create our own WP-smartphone by our-self

Analyst Rick Sherland from Nomura in his latest note to clients said that Microsoft is working with an unknown manufacturer that will produce for the company’s smartphones based on Windows Phone 8. It is not clear whether this will be the reference device or a separate product like Microsoft Surface, as he said.

Such a development, well within the logic especially when you consider that even the closest partners of Microsoft did not know in advance about the project Surface. Journalists InformationWeek contacted a representative of the company redmondskoy and suddenly got him quite a detailed answer on this occasion, instead of the usual excuses “no comment”.

With the press in the New York office of Microsoft, only Greg Sullivan spoke few words, who is senior director of marketing for Windows Phone. On a direct question about whether the company plans to release its own smartphone based on Windows Phone 8, Sullivan gave a straight answer, it has no plans to add the following:

We have a strong ecosystem of partners that we are completely satisfied.

In addition, he called it, who is currently working on devices based on the new Microsoft mobile platform are HTC, Huawei, Samsung and Nokia.

Nevertheless, an analyst at Nomura said sure that the situation may change in the future. For example, if Microsoft buys Nokia. Its shares fell to a minimum and redmondkoy Corporation is a good chance to Bole, that it had already invested a lot of money to Nokia for its transition from Symbian to Windows Phone.


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