Microsoft will provide support for Tablet Surface with Windows RT for 4.5 years

For nearly a month has passed since the official release of the operating system Windows RT, and its official policy support is not disclosed. However, Microsoft has announced its support for the duration of the cycle of hardware products Microsoft Surface, running this OS.

Microsoft Surface support

Thus, the end date of Microsoft Surface the period of core support with Windows RT installed on April 11, 2017. Thus, the duration of the main support is about 4.5 years after the official release of these devices. Since the tablets are a class of consumer products, not otherwise provided for the period of extended support.

In addition, Microsoft updated the policy on terms of product support (Support Lifecycle Policy) and updated the information on the support of consumer-grade equipment. As a result, for hardware devices have a minimum period of major support at 4 years. In this case, repair and replacement of products or their components are throughout the main support. During the warranty service is free, and after its term will be provided for a fee. Also during the period of substantive support provided OS updates, software and firmware pre-installed on hardware solutions (except devices Surface, which is used to support policy pre-installed operating system.)

This was all regarding the Microsoft Surface support duration that would be provided by Microsoft, stay tuned for more updates.

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