Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass: Specs & Features

The next day, October 26 is not the arrival of Windows 8 only because Microsoft will also display other developments such as Xbox SmartGlass. It is an application for Windows 8 tablets and Windows Phone smartphones and interacts with Xbox 360.

Xbox SmartGlass

Xbox SmartGlass is a device that will come as another joystick with which to interact with your devices. The functionalities that can play together with Xbox 360 are several:
• Used as a remote control, especially in multimedia playback.
• Multiscreen to start watching a movie or series SmartGlass and continue in the console / TV or vice versa, in addition to using the tablet or phone as support for extra content, which will use chains or cone HBO Sports NBA, UFC and ESPN.
• Internet Explore: The console version will have on their tablets and smartphones trackpad perfect.
• Games: Able to use the phone or tablet screen to complement the game (maps, strategy) or even extra control for those with tactile touch.

Xbox SmartGlass is Microsoft’s answer to Wii U and its innovative control system is that you can criticize the platform Xbox 360 in any plane except the ability to adapt to new trends, read Kinect or for example this new Xbox SmartGlass.

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