Microsoft Xbox Surface 7inches gaming tablet: Specs & Features

Microsoft Xbox Surface 7inches gaming tablet is on its way now as it has been confirmed and moreover The Verge has also reported that Microsoft is actively developing a 7-inch tablet. This new Microsoft Surface 7 tablet is supposedly not a normal tablet and the game hinting and named Microsoft Xbox Surface.

Xbox Surface

Recall that Microsoft officially announced a 10.6-inch Surface, of which so far only released a model based on the Windows RT and the ARM architecture. According to sources, the company has already decided on the technical characteristics of the 7-inch tablet, and the project has entered its final stage.

Official information about the hardware of the Microsoft Xbox Surface device is not yet revealed. But we are able to collect them from some sources but nothing can be confirmed:

• 1.7Ghz Dual-Core processor
• 16/32GB onboard memory
• 7inches HD display
• 1.2 MP – Primary & Secondary
• 21.5Wh Battery
According to the source, Xbox Surface in principle is not tied to a particular hardware platform. The software part will be based on the core of Windows, but not on the standard version of Windows RT. But if it will be Windows RT then its hardware platform with be ARM. Web surfing, social networking, communication over the Internet – all of this will be implemented, although the focus is on the games.

7-inch Xbox Surface is created in absolute secrecy, with some work is being done in the offices of Microsoft’s Silicon Valley in buildings where there is also working on Xbox. Production of new smaller tab will be in the same factory, which brings together the 10-inch plates Surface.
Well, this was all regarding the upcoming Microsoft Xbox Surface tablet and it has been also rumoured that it could come with a dock which will add physical gaming buttons to the tab which will really turn it into a live gaming console.

So let’s wait and watch the good news is not far, in near future we might hear the announcement of Microsoft Xbox Surface gaming tab which will enlighten the Xbox series.

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