Mini-PC killer Mk802, small, cheaper and more powerful

The great success of development such as Raspberry pi confirms that no market for these systems mini-pcs increasingly small and powerful.
Mk802 Killer mini-PC
One about to come to market is a Chinese development slightly larger than a USB flash drive, similar Mk802 but more powerful, dual-core processor ARM Cortex-A9 to 1.6 GHz, graphics Mali 400, 1 Gbyte of memory RAM and 4 GB of internal storage.
Mk802 has 802.11n Wi-Fi, memory card reader microSD, USB 2.0, microUSB another to finish with an output miniHDMI.
Don’t you think so, it is package in a small packet, Mk802 Killer mini-PC is really something big, it is going for those who want to use Android in their TV, you will able to connect this mini-CPU to your TV’s and can enjoy Android and its flexibility. Mk802 is one of the cheapest available solution for turning your TV into Android TV. What else you will need, powerful processor, 1GB of RAM, expandable memory. It’s a complete package you just need to arrange a display for this device. You can connect TV, monitor or whatever the available display, it has not been confirmed that you can connect it with your projector, or else your projector will be the Android projector.
Moreover, this small or mini-PC is running on Android 4.0 features Ice Cream Sandwich with some installed applications and will go on sale for $ 89. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this Mk802 killer device.

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