Mobile Phone throwing World Championships- Yes you read it right!

While the Finns do not boast the success of mobile home of Nokia, which has more than a year on the market there are difficulties in this country yet been established mobile record, but in a slightly different plane. It was held in Finland at the annual “International league for throwing away cell phones» (Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships).

Mobile Phone throwing World Championships

In particular, the 18-litny Finn Karjalainen Era (Ere Karjalainen) threw an old Nokia phone to a distance of 101.46 meters, reports Telegraph . Second place went to South African Jeremy Gallop (Jeremy Gallop), the result – 94.67 pm

Organizers in Finland, Christine Lund (Christine Lund) called Era Karjalainen achieve a new world record, even though there are more interesting, but unofficial results of 102.68 m, which has made British Haghf Chris (Chris Hughff) on the same, “the Belgian championship JIM Mobile “earlier this year:


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