Mobile phones to look forward to in 2016

We all may be the great fans of technology and culture but have you ever wondered what it is to look at the new collection of mobile phones which comes every year? These are phones to watch out for latest trends and to make a fashion statement. Here are some mobile phones which you can look forward to obtain in the year 2016:

Apple iPhone 6s:-

Check out what Forbes has to say about the new iphone. Though the phone has already been launched in the market, there have been major key changes in the phone and its features. There are some major key changes in this amazing and new iPhone 6s which also has a new Rose Gold color option and is equipped with a 12Mp iSight camera with good support for 4K video recording.

Apple iPhone 6S
Apple iPhone 6S (source: Ewan Spence)

There is also an app called Live Photo which is a fun new feature, with the iPhone having a recording of a second and a half of video on either side of the still image to eventually help it come to life.

iOS 9 is a device which will come pre-installed on the device of new iPhone, and there’s also a new 3D Touch screen that can even differentiate between a light and hard tap, thus allowing you to ‘peek’ and also ‘pop’ into content. The screen is thus, otherwise the same, attached with a 4.7in Retina HD screen with 326ppi.
LG G5 :- This much awaited phone would make an entry in the market by the end of spring 2016. Also, obviously very little would be known so far about the very LG’s next flagship, but we would have also heard that the company which is working with Irience to bring a stable touch of an iris scanner to the G5. What adds something of a surprise is that the LG G4 doesn’t even tend to feature a fingerprint scanner.

This isn’t something like of a brand-new tech. Actually in the phone, there is an UMI Iron phone in front which is equipped with the same iris-scanning technology, but it will also then bring the iris scanning in front of a large UK audience for the very first time. It also has a larger battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy s7 edge:- This phone is a brilliant product from the series of Samsung, and also a lot of intrigue has been built in its Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge . The phone is set to be launched in the year 2016. It has since then unveiled the very Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ phablet.

Samsung phone also doesn’t rest on its amazing laurels too long, though also in the month of March 2016 at Mobile World Congress, people will be able to see the new Samsung Galaxy S7 which is also revealed . There is even potentially alongside a quite new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

These are the upcoming phones which will be making a buzz in the market in 2016.

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