More evidence of a MacBook Pro 13inch Retina

New benchmark on a model labelled ‘MacBookPro10.2’ point to the rumoured version Retina display smaller model of the MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro 13inch

A display technology launched in the iPhone 4 and followed in the new iPhone that some media claim that end coming in the future to all computers and mobile devices from Apple .

In computers, was included in a special version of the MacBook Pro 15 and it appears that its brother under 13 inches also enjoy a type of display that provides spectacular definition resolutions and although as shown on the Web or Most applications are prepared to use this type of display Retina. It could be MacBook Pro 13inch Retina laptop.

Another problem of this type of display, the price increase could go softening with increasing use in other models like the MacBook Pro 13inch. By the way it was tested with Mac OS X 10.8.1 (Build 12A2066) to be given to developers this week.

This was all regarding MacBook Pro 13inch Retina, stay tuned for more updates regarding this MacBook.

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