More information about the innovations of the Windows Phone 8 SDK

Last week in Network, SDK of Windows Phone 8 was caught and now it allowed reporters on The Verge, start the emulator of a new mobile platform of Microsoft i.e. Microsoft Windows Phone 8 and found, as well as live show several interesting new features in addition to already known.

Windows Phone 8

For example, there are more options for managing the desktop and configure it in Windows Phone 8. There is a 20 color schemes, design, and size of live panels can be changed by turning them into a kind of icon, or stretching the full width of the screen, plus there’s the average size.

Corporate Services Data Sense allows you to monitor bandwidth consumption and the smartphone has its own lively bar to view the status of the account and used megabytes on your desktop. In addition, Microsoft has significantly expanded capabilities of the service of backup of personal data in comparison to Windows Phone Mango. The user can store data in a cloud, a list of applications and their settings. A little was finalized and auto-download pictures and video to SkyDrive – the user to have more options for managing this process.

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 has undergone a change, and many other embedded applications. In the navigation is now responsible only service Nokia Maps, which implemented the ability to pre-download maps for offline use. In Internet Explorer, you can change the functionality of the button in the address bar, and the hubs Xbox and Music / Video completely updated interface, which now explicitly uses the brand theme of Microsoft SmartGlass. We cans imply say, Microsoft Windows Phone 8 is really a good package for any Smartphone.

In Photos section an opportunity to select multiple items at once to delete them or forward. Appendix Camera acquired its option, Lenses, which contains all the tools to work with the camera, including third-party.


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