Motorola Defy Pro: Features and Price

Motorola has revealed a QWERTY keyboard smartphone i.e. Motorola Defy Pro, but unlike the Samsung Galaxy Chat, this is more oriented to be a terminal “everyday” social issues specifically and file sharing.

Motorola Defy Pro
As whole ranges of Motorola defy smartphone getting attention at first glance is its high resistance to water and dust with Motorola certificate, which draws much attention and greatly relieves the sense of panic you get when you accidentally gets wet or Smartphone suffer some other mishap.

This new Motorola Defy Pro offers Blackberry keyboard layout almost identical to that of RIM’s products and 2.7-inch screen which is protected “bulletproof” by the well-known protection system Gorilla Glass.

Another remarkable thing is the user interface, which focused on the daily special offers three ways to change the information you provide on the main screen still possible to use the so called “Outdoor View” you can prioritize climate information from the environment multitude of data, a compass and guidance systems will be displayed when we are in the “Hiking View” and so useful named “Workout View” that displays information and utilities to monitor what you burn during walking, in addition to the steps and stopwatch to know our times.

If we put the qwerty keyboard, the amazing water resistance and dust, and 3 interface modes have a mid-range phone, adaptable to any situation that will help us to perform functions that might need on a day to day. Moreover Quickoffice has also pre-installed that will allow us to work with our documents, and email and printing application. Motorola “motoprint” also including email and VPN support. If we talk about the hardware specs then we will find it doesn’t have power of a high-end device but it is running on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) as standard, although it is very stable and works perfectly, is well below ics and especially the new Jelly Bean that are now standards in novelty.
The expected release date of Motorola Defy Pro is going to be 15th July and Motorola has not confirmed its price officially. In my opinion Motorola Defy Pro is a very competent terminal in the sector that is addressed apart from other, although the lead standard Ginger Bread.

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