Motorola RAZR i with Intel Power: Complete Review & Specs

The Motorola RAZR i is an Android smartphone that is one of those phone which is working on Intel 2 GHz processor which is promising excellent performance. Despite a large 4.3 inch screen, it remains modest in size.

Motorola RAZR i

The promise

In the month of October 2012, the second Android smartphone based on Intel will be available. In this case we are talking about Motorola RAZR I equipment joined the upscale flagship of Motorola. Performance in terms of power and autonomy are they up to its competitors?


Aesthetically, the Motorola RAZR i is quite successful. Relatively thin and lightweight (just over 10 mm at its thickest part to 126 g), it offers classic lines, slightly tapered at the bottom and definitely less masculine than the first RAZR and ATRIX. Despite a height and a width of more reasonable – similar to those iPhone 5 – the smartphone is equipped with a larger screen of 4.3 inches. To accomplish this feat, the manufacturer has limited the maximum size around the edges of the display (only 3 mm left and right). Particularly the latter development has, in addition, technology Super AMOLED Advanced which delivers vibrant colors (although quite unnatural) and pure black. Only downside, the definition of this screen is limited to 540 points by 960 points – we would have appreciated a HD like the iPhone 5 -. The keys for menus, full touch, they account for the lower part of the screen, so there was enough room for sensitive keys beneath the slab.

MicroSD and MicroSIM easily accessible on the side

The connectivity of Motorola RAZR i is fairly standard with a 3.5 mm jack, MicroUSB taking and MicroSD card reader accessible on the mobile side, near the Micro SIM card slot. Quite useful since this device is advanced with multimedia features, only has 8 GB of internal memory which only 5.3 GB available to user for storage! To play videos on a TV, it will settle for a wireless DLNA (for those who have a TV and Wi-Fi downloading, for example, an application sharing as iMediaShare Lite) as the smartphone does not hold for a connection of the HDMI.

A powerful and efficient Intel processor

Motorola RAZR i is running a recent version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4) with a planned migration to the latest (Jelly Bean 4.1), the RAZR i work with a Intel Atom processor coupled to 2 GHz 1 GB RAM. It is a single processor based on x86 architecture as the PC while Android phones are generally based on ARM architecture processors (Qualcomm, Nvidia, TI, etc.). Seen as a double core thanks to the magic of the hyperthreading Intel (logic simulation, which enhances the performance), the Atom chip (Z2480) fulfills its mission handily. The device is fast and powerful. It runs perfectly, capture and video playback HD1080p until it comes out and honestly with resource intensive games like GTA3 without heating. Without any overlay – a few improvements made by Motorola as access to key parameters of a simple swipe of the finger to the right from the home screen – the Motorola RAZR i offer a high fluidity of navigation in the interface and applications. Better yet, its autonomy is the best smartphones especially in web browsing on 3G network with more than 10 hours.

An 8-megapixel camera ultrafast

With an 8 megapixel sensor capable of shooting HD 1080p, Motorola RAZR i has a button that launches the Photo function almost instantly, even when the machine is idle, screen off. Equally fast burst mode, the camera takes up to ten shots per second. You cannot miss the slightest change of expression on a face! The picture quality is not comparable to that obtained with the iPhone 5 but remains satisfactory in good lighting conditions. Some HDR effects and effective to obtain better results in case of over-or under-exposure of a plan are also available. The video made with the sensor also give satisfaction as playing HD clips either from the phone or TV. Finally, in addition to an FM radio, Motorola offers some applications like Quickoffice to view and edit office documents and SmartAction or to save time and optimize the performance of its mobile automating daily actions.


The verdict

Autonomous and efficient in most areas (the HD video game), the Motorola RAZR i is an Android smartphone that less upscale Galaxy SIII, or an iPhone 5 but has all the attributes to play in the big.

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