Mozilla Firefox 16 is Fixed and now Available!

Race for the browser version number does not always bring the desired effect. An example of this can be a story with Firefox 16.

Mozilla Firefox 16

Remember, this version was submitted by developers in the middle of the week. But then, due to the identified vulnerabilities, the company was forced to remove Firefox 16 of free access. The problem is the potential to access the history of visited sites and parameters URL.

Now the company has released an updated version of Mozilla Firefox 16.0.1, in which the said vulnerability was fixed. Download the browser for the platforms Windows, Mac and Linux from the official site of the Mozilla. If you don’t use chrome because of the memory issues then again Mozilla has brought the new features and new way of browsing with Mozilla Firefox 16, soon we will publish a complete review of this latest arrival in the Mozilla Firefox browser, so stay tuned.

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