MSI GTX 650 OC PE with big fan but modest performance: Review & Specs

Sold for 130 euros, the graphics card MSI GTX 650 OC PE is certainly affordable, but overall disappointing. Belongs to family GTX Nvidia, it is really not equipped for the game in Full HD.


This graphics card is midrange has an Nvidia boosted by MSI. But it does not work miracles.
The promise

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 is a mid-range card. Announced at the same time as the powerful GTX 660, it was relegated to the background, which seemed (also) not interfere with its creator. A quick glance at the sheet can understand why. The chip used (GK107) is the same as the GeForce GT 640, with some additives, and torque memory bus / memory is proportionate to the fair. And MSI has launched the Power Edition OC with vitamin components and a modular cooling system, touted as quiet and efficient called MSI GTX 650 OC PE.


The GeForce MSI GTX 650 OC PE is not really a beast of competition. Marketed approximately for 130 euros, it has the latest Nvidia architecture (Kepler), but it is amputated a large number of elements. There are still 1GB of GDDR5 and a graphics processor clocked at 1124 MHz. That did not stop to run the latest games at the time … but not always in Full HD (1920 by 1080 dots). Must often settle for 1650 points and 1050 do not force or details on filters. Not very bulky, the card is powered from a PCI-Express to six pins. Finally, at the back, there are three video outputs, two DVI and one mini-HDMI.
For small players

The performance of the MSI GTX 650 OC PE graphics card is very average. As it stands, it appears between 67 and 111 frames per second on old games (DirectX 9 and 10) as Far Cry 2, Batman Asylum, etc.. When all the details are driven at or near maximum, in HD and Full HD. Securities recent games, the card often large gap (30 to 90 frames / s) based on the graphic engine and video game effects visuels/3D. Clearly, to play properly with the GTX 650, Full HD, you must put your hands in the graphics options and games to make fine adjustments to balance playability and beauty. Given its position, the graphics card MSI GTX 650 OC PE confronted with the Radeon HD 7770 Edition GHz AMD. As we see on the “performance” , the two cards are almost neck and neck, with a slight advantage for the GeForce. However, once we reduce the GeForce its original frequencies, the trend is reversed. The Radeon HD 7770 Edition takes advantage GHz and the price of 115 euros is much more interesting than the GeForce GTX 650.


Excessive ventilation and effective


The breakdown of the card is impressive, to ask if it is not disproportionate considering the average power of the chip. However, it does very well at office. Fan, combined with the large radiator with heat pipe is quiet and efficient. Intensive use, the GPU does not exceed 52 ° C. MSI delivers a second fan to come on board position. The installation is fast and easy, requires only a screwdriver. Once positioned and connected, it saves between 4 and 5 degrees on the chip. Thus equipped, the MSI looks like a high-end card, but for once, the clothes do not make the monk.
Controlled consumption

Conclude with consumption. As a point of comparison, GeForce GTX 550 Ti when it comes to displaying the same complex 3D scene on the screen, the MSI GTX 650 OC PE consumes almost twice less power (79 watts against 142 watts). In contrast, the Radeon HD 7770 and GTX Edition GHz MSI 650 are, in turn, set equal.
The verdict

MSI GTX 650 OC PE is a supercharged GT. Despite the “doping ingested” at the factory, it is barely better than the AMD HD 7770 GHz AMD Edition standard, 15 to 25 euros sold under the following brands. As it stands, the MSI card is not a good deal better focus the GTX 650 Ti (150 euros approx.) if you prefer Nvidia chips.

This was all regarding the MSI GTX 650 OC PE graphics card.

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