MSI Slider S20 hybrid running Windows 8: Specs & Features

The arrival of Windows 8 and its touch interface is serving as a lever in a market of devices that seemed to have been stuck in what might be called war design lines and specifications. With the touch revolution we are seeing more and more devices with touch screen format not only desktop all in one, laptops and tablets but there are devices that cover the last two uses and here we have a best example MSI Slider S20 which is hybrid between tablet and laptop.

MSI Slider S20

If we specifically talk about the Windows 8 running MSI S20 Slider, this is a product that the company showed at the last Computex 2012 and this star convertible tablets is coming this year Christmas.

If we look upon the hardware of this MSI Slider S20 then we will find it is a proper laptop but not a tablet. This hybrid tab is offering Core i5 processor and offers 9 hours of battery life and has a capacitive screen 11.6 inches with support for up to ten touch points. This screen slides and reveals the QWERTY keyboard that hides under itself and then swooping in a format being very comfortable to work on Windows 8.

The price of MSI Slider S20 will be around $ 1000 and is a very interesting device from the point of view of versatility as we have a two in one, tablet and laptop.

MSI Slider S20
Moreover, MSI Slider S20 has connectivity featuring including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB 3.0. As according to us we have liked the concept, in fact MSI is not the only one working on it, after seeing this model I remember the model Sony VAIO 11.

This was all regarding the MSI Slider S20 Windows running slider tablet which is featuring high end specs and promise to be a perfect device, so stay tuned for more updates.


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