MSI Z77 MPOWER – productive motherboard based on the Intel Z77 Express | Specs & Features

MSI has announced the launch of a new motherboard in a series of Big Bang – MSI Z77 MPOWER. It is noted that this model is the first motherboard that is certified as OC Certified.


The testing procedure for the MSI OC Certified mark is based on 24-hour stress test each board MSI Z77 MPOWER stability in Prime95. Test OC Certified – this is a test of the motherboard in three areas: performance in acceleration, stable power and cooling zones PWM. Performance in acceleration means that all OC Certified stress tests run on the processor speed of at least 4.6GHz. Stable power means testing in Prime95 for 24-hours under these conditions. PWM cooling zone is so that all of these tests pass without blowing near-CPU space and a room with a temperature above 30 degrees Celsius. Submitted to the novelty is equipped with high-quality components Military Class III, which are certified to the MIL-STD-810G. They are designed to ensure the stability and durability of the device in terms of overclocking.


Motherboard MSI Z77 MPOWER based on chipset Intel Z77 Express. It is designed to install the Intel Core second and third generation of LGA 1155. It also supports the ability to install up to four modules of DDR3 memory with a frequency of 1066 MHz to 3000 MHz. In addition, there are two available ports SATA3 (data transfer rate up to 6 Gb / s), four-port SATA2 (data transfer rate up to 3 Gb / s) slots, three PCI Express x16 3.0, four slots for PCI Express x16 2.0, and integrated multi-channel sound chip. Among other interfaces indicated by the presence of eight ports USB 3.0 (6 on the back panel and 2 in the form of the connectors on the circuit board), eight ports USB 2.0 (2 on the back and 6 as a connector on the PCB) and Gigabit Ethernet port Ethernet. For monitors are available HDMI and DisplayPort. Additionally contains a new integrated wireless modules Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0 + HS.


Separately the realization of functions for overclocking OC Essentials. This implies the presence of empty seats on the board of buttons “Power On”, “Off” and “reset.” In addition, V-Check Points will serve to accurately measure the power from the processor, integrated graphics, memory, and PCH. POST indicator makes it easy to diagnose problems in the boot process and displays the temperature at the time of the OS. Multi-BIOS II eliminate any possible problems with the BIOS, even in the case of a single failure. A tiny LED will easily understand which of the BIOS chip is being used. There is also a button to clear the CMOS settings on the back of the PC.

Information about the timing of the start of sales and the value of the suggested retail price of the motherboard MSI Z77 MPOWER motherboard is not reported.

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