MSI’s N680GTX Lightning graphics card original factory-overclocked

MSI has announced a new model of the GeForce GTX 680 – N680GTX Lightning. This new product is positioned as an overclocking solution.

The MSI has said this new architecture is based on an Unlocked Digital Power, which allows releasing the entire video card overclocking potential without additional modifications. Unlocked Digital Power Architecture includes Unlocked BIOS, Digital PWM controller and an improved design of the power subsystem. Unlocked BIOS provides the ability to disable all the built-in mechanisms to protect a one-touch to unlock the full potential of the card. The digital subsystem of this card is more stable and has accurate voltage than the analog design. Twice the number of phases of power supply ensures reliability even under the harshest conditions. In additional, this video card can be used as the device GPU Reactor, which reduces noise and enhances the overclocking potential of the GPU. Also in the MSI N680GTX Lightning graphics card used components Military Class III, the last certified by an independent laboratory, an improved cooling system and a set of functions 3” × 3 OC Kit, created specifically for the demanding enthusiast. 3” × 3 OC Kit includes a connector V-Check Point, which allow you to monitor the voltage on the graphics chip, memory, and VDDCI, and sensors Triple Overvoltage and Triple Temperature and with the help of software Afterburner you can quickly configure and monitor the graphics card.

The presented device is based on a new graphics processor NVIDIA GK104, which is manufactured with 28-nanometer design and process-based architecture of Kepler. On the board a new 1536 stream processors and 2 GB DDR5 standard memory and 256-bit bus access is present. The operating frequency of the graphics processor is initially increased with values of 1006/1058 MHz (core / enhanced) to 1110/1176 MHz, respectively. Working memory frequency matches the reference value of 6008 MHz. To remove heat from the components of the video card uses a proprietary dual-slot cooling system TwinFrozr IV. Its design includes two fans with a 10-centimeter blade, designed to Kosovo technology Propeller Blade. Under the aluminium hood Twin Frozr IV heat pipes are created by technology SuperPipe, and an array of aluminium fins. In the new technology is implemented to remove dust, Dust Removal, which lies in the fact that when you run the card fans are running in the opposite direction for 30 seconds, and thereby remove dust between the aluminium fins and heat pipes. N680GTX Lightning graphics card is also equipped with two additional radiators. One is located on the front face of the graphics card’s memory and for cooling the power supply module and the second – on the back surface of the card, thus being the pressure plate and increasing rigidity. According to the manufacturer used the cooling system lowers the GPU temperature by 16 degrees Celsius and the reduction of emissions of noise by 6.7 dB compared with the reference cooler. Novelty is equipped with two interfaces to connect DVI-I, one HDMI port and a connector DisplayPort, and to connect to the system serves as an interface PCI-Express 3.0 x16. The device has support for DirectX 11 and Shader Model 5.0, NVIDIA technologies as well as 3-Way SLI, PhysX, PureVideo HD and CUDA.

Information on the timing of the start of sales and the value of the suggested retail price of a new video card MSI N680GTX Lightning is not yet reported. Stay in tune for more updates.


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