Nec MultiSync EA224WMi 22” IPS monitor complete Review and Specs

This Nec MultiSync EA224WMi monitor is equipped with an IPS display offering a very loyal and a good contrast ratio. Its complete equipment and excellent ergonomics are worthy of elitism ultimate in this field.

Nec MultiSync EA224WMi

Nec Monitor EA224WMi is a bit pricey for a 21.5-inch, but it stands out as the best of its kind. It combines a high quality display, a beautiful versatility and flawless ergonomics.

The promise

Nec MultiSync EA224WMi

The new monitor Nec MultiSync EA224WMi is destined for a demanding office use. Its 21.5-inch diagonal modest, but its high-end equipment sets it apart from the competition. IPS, ergonomics very neat, this monitor is sold at high prices.


Japanese now manufactures its screens in China, unlike Eizo, who keeps the words Made in Japan. The quality of finish of this monitor does not suffer either. Its case shows a very classic aesthetics and dominant plastics very well together. The edges of the display are very thin (1.5 cm) will display a discrete multiple monitors. Finally, note that the plastic and the LCD panel of Nec MultiSync EA224WMi are obviously dull so no flare.

Excellent image quality

The Nec MultiSync EA224WMi offers image rendering foreground. The colors and shades of gray are very loyal displayed (DeltaE 2) without any adjustment. The results are just as good in sRGB mode, which slightly reduces the brightness of the screen. The LCD panel monitor also displays a contrast ratio very high for its IPS (In-plane Switching): 1 to 119:1 with a brightness set by default to 70% (180 cd / m² on average). With a lower brightness (120 cd / m²), the contrast ratio of 964:1 decreases which is a good result for Nec MultiSync EA224WMi. The contrast ratio is enhanced by a very uniform backlight, which is not the case for all IPS screens. This monitor is also distinguished by ultimate viewing angles, the largest we have measured so far (112 ° horizontally and 82 ° vertically). They far outweigh the average IPS panels, which revolves around the 85 ° horizontal and 70 ° vertical according to our measurements. For video games, this monitor is able to satisfy the vast majority of players with a remanence relatively low. But it is not the most reactive of IPS monitors (it does not have Overdrive technology to accelerate the response time of its LCD), and do not satisfy gamers demanding in fast games.

Very neat ergonomics

Nec MultiSync EA224WMi

Ergonomics, of the Nec MultiSync EA224WMi is worthy of the premium. Its foot, height adjustable toggles the screen in portrait mode. There are also USB ports and a headphone jack for easy access on the left side of the screen frame. Not to mention two built-in speakers has poor quality. But the main advantage of this monitor is the ease of use of the configuration menu. Touch controls are well designed and perfectly usable especially in a dark environment.

Energy saving in the spotlight

Ultimate uses is all possible tricks to optimize the energy consumption of the monitor. The Nec MultiSync EA224WMi 22inches IPS monitor screen consumes only 0.1 W when turned off, 0.2 W in standby and only 18.9 W by default (brightness 70%), without exceeding 23 W (100% brightness). An ambient light sensor can also automatically adjust the backlight intensity of the display. A second presence sensor turns off the screen when the user is absent. Both systems work well and are fully configurable in the setup menu screen.

The verdict
With the Nec MultiSync EA224WMi, Nec signs monitor high end monitor, albeit a bit expensive for the small diagonal of 21.5 inches. But its image quality, equipment, ergonomics, and a three-year warranty, handily justifies its price. This was all about one of the best 21inches IPS monitor available i.e. Nec MultiSync EA224WMi and it is priced at € 282.

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