NEC will release in 2014 handheld device for DNA testing

Currently, NEC is working on a relatively compact device for DNA testing. This device can be the basis of mobile laboratories for DNA analyzes in the field of crime or disaster.

device for DNA testing
According to available information, the device for DNA testing to be quite compact, its dimensions are comparable to the size of a large suitcase (850 x 552 x 240 mm) and the weight is about 35 kg. To test the device will take about 25 minutes. NEC intends to implement in the unit of analysis of the three-step process, using technology “lab on a chip”. The basic steps of the analysis will include the extraction of DNA from samples, amplification of DNA for analysis, and then – a selection of different DNA strands. On assurances of developers, the device will be quite simple to use. Working with it will be after the passage of a short training course. Device for DNA testing will be sufficient to use a cotton swab with a sample of tissue or a small drop of blood. To operate the unit will need a power supply with 12 V.
The appearance of finished samples on the market is expected in 2014. Price per unit will be about $ 120 thousand as the main potential customers called organizations conducting various investigate or rescue operations at the crash site, this was all regarding the device for DNA testing, stay tuned for more vital devices information.

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