NetApp launches new software StorageGRID 9.0

The new company’s solution is designed to address the phenomenon of Big Data, enabling companies to adapt to data growth, manage large files, cut costs and get a better exchange of information. Thus, the software NetApp StorageGRID 9.0, combined with the E-Series platform NetApp, is designed to manage petabytes of images, videos and records of companies and service providers in distributed repositories.

NetAPP StorageGRID 9.0

Building on a solid foundation of partnerships in the sector and support standards, NetApp provides native multiprotocol functionality that supports a wide range of standards such as Network File System (NFS), Common Internet File System (CIFS), RESTful HTTP, and now, IFSC.

In line with the launch, Rich Clifton, senior vice president and Integration Solutions Group at NetApp said “As the amount and type of data is growing in this new world of Big Data, technologies and IFSC helps our customers to manage not only GDP growth, but the increasing pressure to leverage data and gain a better prospect of increasingly distributed environments.”

The launch of StorageGRID 9.0 allows the solution of distributed content repository.

• Repositories offer scalable multivendor support the SNIA standard that enables the creation IFSC, retrieval, management and disposal of cloud data.

• Retrieving data more easily by storing hundreds of petabytes and billions of data sets in a single container.

• Reduce the space required in data centers with a density storage industry leader.
• Reduce costs through a distribution of large-scale secure repository for unstructured data.
• Increase business agility through scalable content repositories across multiple sites.

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