New Amazon Kindle reader slightly updated and lowered its price to $ 69: Specs & Features

The company announced the release of the updated Amazon device for reading electronic books Kindle. Best of all, the new version Amazon Kindle reader will be worth even less than the previous model.

New Amazon Kindle reader

Thus, as part of the presentation, CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos said that the new price for the Amazon Kindle reader will be $ 69, but with advertising. Recall price preceding the most affordable model of the device for reading e-books Amazon Kindle is $ 79. He did not elaborate on whether or not any new hardware changes. However, mentioned that the new device provides new fonts, clearer display of text, as well as increased speed of updating pages by 15%. Other characteristics are unchanged. The device comprises a 6-inch E Ink display, built-in wireless Wi-Fi and has a mass of 170 g.

New Amazon Kindle reader

An updated version of the device for reading e-books Amazon Kindle reader for $ 69 is now available for pre-order, and the beginning of its deliveries scheduled for September 14.

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