New Apple iMac 2012, thinner and less energy with LED: Review & Specs

Much thinner and more energy efficient, the new Apple iMac 2012 is equipped with a LED display and latest generation processors.

New Apple iMac 2012

Apple finally integrated LED with its new iMac. They are suddenly much thinner and consume less energy.

The new Apple iMac 2012 is distinguished by its finesse. Its volume is reduced by 40% compared to the previous generation of computers all-in-one Apple. The edge of the box is only 5 mm thick and its energy consumption is reduced by 50%. These advances are mainly due to the adoption of an LED backlight, much thinner and less energy than the conventional backlight (neon) used in the previous iMac.

Latest generation processors

New Apple iMac 2012

These new Apple iMac 2012 are powered with Intel Core i5 and Core i7 next generation (Ivy Bridge). Their graphics chip is also after the final architecture of nVidia Geforce GT 640M, 650M, GTX 660M, GTX or even 675MX 680MX and 27-inch models for the more upscale. This configuration is ready to give the best performance.

Hybrid storage system

New Apple iMac 2012

Apple also adopts hybrid storage in new Apple iMac 2012, combining SSD 128 GB of flash memory and a very fast conventional hard disk capable of storing between 1 and 3 TB of data depending on the model. The operating system and programs are the most used and automatically placed in the flash memory for faster loading performance of new Apple iMac 2012.

A screen less prone to glare

New Apple iMac 27-inch (2560 x 1440 pixels) and 21.5-inch (1920 x 1080 pixels) always use an LCD panel IPS, known for its quality image and wide viewing angles. If these tiles do not have a very high contrast ratio, they display accurate colors, especially the Apple class one by one from the factory. Producer persists however to use a glass coating. However, it is now glued to the LCD panel (previous were 2 mm slab), and, according to Apple, 75% reduction in sensitivity to glare.

The new 21.5-inch iMac 2012 will be available in November announced from 1349 euros (without hybrid storage), and up to 1549 euros (with a Geforce GT 650M). The 27-inch models will arrive in December and offered from 1879 euros.

+Very slim design
+Reduced consumption

-High price

This was all regarding the new Apple iMac 2012 which will be released soon in near future and we hope this pre-review will guide you choosing in your product.

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