New ASUS motherboards for AMD compatible with Windows 8

Topping a catalo already impressive and the release of models with chipset Z77 to Ivy Bridge, ASUS announces the arrival on the market of refurbished motherboards for AMD microprocessors, ranging from mainstream models to the series TUF and ROG AM3 + passing by reference efficient platform based on FM1 APU socket.

ASUS motherboard

These new ASUS models feature such as digital power control, Remote GO! Network and iControl, in addition features Fast Boot, Boot Setting and DirectKey ASUS specifically developed for the new architecture Windows 8. All of these features, both new and previously existing have been adjusted and tested to ensure complete stability with the new architecture Windows 8.

M5A99/97 R2.0 and TUF Series

ASUS TUF Series M5A99FX PRO motherboard

Updated to socket / chipset AM3 + / 990FX, these motherboards include a range of functions dedicated to improving the experience Windows 8. Fast Boot allows the system to load and restart in just 2 seconds, eliminating annoying wait. ASUS Boot Setting is a technology that lets you customize the loading process of your PC offering the ability to access the BIOS by clicking and select between different load profiles of the OS. After selecting an option, it will be executed each time the OS starts. DirectKey has been created for users who access the BIOS in the usual way. It has a dedicated button that allows access to the BIOS automatically when the computer is in sleep state, saving the user the need to repeatedly press the Delete key while loading the operating system.

ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0

Besides the functions related to Windows 8, ASUS has also implemented the technology Dual Intelligent Processors 3 with the new power control in SMART DIGI + Series M5A99/97 R2.0 and R2.0 model TUF SABERTOOTH 990FX . This technology has two digital voltage regulators that let you enjoy – for the first time AMD platform – an ultra-precise control of CPU voltage and DRAM memory, improving stability, efficiency and the potential for overclocking the system. Another technology highlight is Remote GO! Which allows smartphones and tablets used as a remote control system with three wireless features: DLNA Media Hub, Remote Desktop and File Transfer.

Crosshair Formula V-Z


The new reference AM3 ROG + includes most of the features mentioned above and a set of features dedicated to ensuring ROG gaming experience compatible with Windows 8 more stable and powerful platform for AMD. The power system Extreme Engine Digi + II includes a control of the CPU and memory and a range unprecedented for overclocking much higher. SupremeFX III improves the realism and sound positioning for games with the Red Line isolation of the signal and a cover EMI. GameFirst II features the new EZ mode, an intuitive interface that allows gamers to easily manage online traffic priority.

Since its inception, Republic Of Gamers has positioned itself as a brand known for quality products and results in overclocking competitions as QuakeCon, BlizzCon and Dreamhack. In the past 5 years, many world records have been broken with ROG hardware, and the media have recognized the brand with more than 1200 international awards.

F1A75/A55 Series

ASUS F1A75/A55 Series

ASUS has also updated models with AMD socket chipsets FM1 and A75/A55 before Windows 8 is available to the public. F1A75 plate-M PRO R2.0 and R2.0 F1A55 Series Intelligent Dual Processors have 2, which uses the EPU and TPU chips next to the digital power control DIGI + VRM, to provide control voltages AMD APU precise and expand the available range for overclocking. Other features include Network iControl, LucidLogix Virtu ™ MVP, UEFI BIOS and AI Suite II.

Recommended prices (including VAT) for the new ASUS motherboards for AMD compatible with Windows 8 , are:

• EVO M5A99X R2.0: € 153.63
• M5A99FX PRO R2.0: € 169.06
• M5A97 R2.0: € 96.56
• M5A97 EVO: € 113.53
• F1A55 R2.0: € 87.30
• SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0: € 198.36

Prices content and models to meet any need and support for AMD microprocessors and complete models for Ivy Bridge Z77 chipset ASUS motherboards is responsible for best-selling and award-winning worldwide and numerous innovations that have come to be standard industry.

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