New CPU coolers Coolermaster Hyper T2 and Blizzard T4

Coolermaster has just introduced two new CPU coolers that promise a large dissipation at an affordable price. In this case we are talking about largest model of CPU Coolers Coolermaster Blizzard T4 for € 30 and 20 € for the Coolermaster Hyper T2.

Coolermaster Blizzard T4

This latest model Coolermaster Blizzard T4 has two heatpipes known as Dual-Loop are closed circuit, rather than the traditional heatpipes which rise through grills aluminium fins that are cooled by a 80mm fan and stay there, with this new configuration is achieved rapidly cool hot spots processor.

Coolermaster Hyper T4 model system bet by traditional four heatpipes refrigeration this time passing through a very thin fin grill cooled a 120mm silent PWM controlled.

Coolermaster Blizzard T4 CPU coolers

This time it has direct contact with the chip which greatly enhances dissipation. It supports all current sockets and thanks to its anchoring system pressure, the installation is really simple. This was all about the latest and most promising Coolermaster Blizzard T4 and Hyper T4 CPU Coolers.

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