New HP monitor 11 millimeters thick | HP x2401 24inches Monitor

HP Announces the launch of HP x2401 computer monitor of 24 inches that stands out for its ultra-thin thickness of 11 millimeters.

HP x2401

The HP x2401 is an LCD monitor with LED backlight panel that uses a Multi-domain Vertical Alignment MVA, halfway to the quality and performance of the TN and IPS.

It has a high definition resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a 5000:1 static contrast ratio. Includes HDMI and DisplayPort inputs and can be placed on the wall or anywhere on the desktop using an embedded in a brushed metal body.

This attractive slim with thickness of 11 mm, part of the big update product introduced by HP is also economical for their services: $ 249 with availability from November 7.

So, if you are thinking to improve your office or home with the replacement of your old computer monitor then of course HP x2401 looks best solution so far with its slim and trim design, but after the arrival of this monitor we may bring the exact review which may guide that you should choose this monitor or not but at present everything looks perfect so wait for our review or more updates regarding this monitor HP x2401.

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