New Intel Celeron Ivy Bridge coming in January 2013: Specs & Features

The chip giant Intel has announced it will bring to market entry-chip architecture Intel Celeron Ivy Bridge 22nm. This development will be announced at CES 2012.

Intel Celeron Ivy Bridge

These processor chips will be compatible with motherboards LGA 1155 series 6 and series 7. We are talking about the upcoming Celeron G1620, Celeron G1610 and Celeron G1610T.

The most powerful model in the new line Intel Celeron Ivy Bridge will be the model Celeron G1620 in a price range close to 100 euros. For that money you get a dual-core chip at 2.7 GHz with 2 MB L3 cache, DDR3-1333 RAM and a 650 MHz graphics chip TDP of 55W.

Celeron G1610 work at 2.6 GHz while model G1610T Celeron will have a lower TDP, 35W working frequency 2.3 GHz. Neither of the chips have HyperThreading or TurboBoost, differential elements against Intel Core line. This was all about Intel Celeron Ivy Bridge processor chips.

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