New iPad 4 Retina plenty of power for players: Review & Specs

The new iPad 4 Retina does not change radically but  not its power that is experiencing a real leap forward and improves battery backup.

The promise of iPad 4


iPad 4 Retina

Barely eight months passed and then goes away the iPad 3, called New iPad, which introduced high resolution screen Retina and definition for the Apple tablet has disappeared, replaced by a model which adopts a more powerful chip, the new connector Lightning, more compact, and keeps the rest … An update discreet, for whom? In this case we are talking about recently revealed iPad 4 Retina.

Reality of iPad 4

New iPad 3 is replaced by an iPad Retina externally similar in every respect. Only the connector is replaced by the history much more compact “Lightning”, who made its appearance with the iPhone 5 in September. The iPhone 5 also provides that “block” optical five elements – for pictures in quality rather attractive highlights – this tablet. A Retina display high definition (2048 by 536 points to 264 dpi) now beaten by that of its new competitor, Google Nexus 10 (2560 by 1600 dots at 300 dpi).


iPad 4 Retina

And power optimization of iPad 4

But the big news for iPad 4 Retina is the A6X chip at 1.4 GHz. Changes introduced with the iPhone 5. There are two central cores and four cores for graphics. That the intended course to turn in great pomp demanding games, like Lili, Wild Blood or series of Real Racing. Indeed, compared to the iPad 3, which had a total score of 16,212 points with the tool Pawamark test, designed to measure performance related to gambling, the iPad almost 4 double set with a score of 31,504 points. New iPad 4 Retina, but it also shows a performance gain beneficial uses less fun, like video editing and photo. Geekbench allocates 1,759 points, where the iPad 3 maxing out at 766 points. For comparison, and for lovers of power, Nexus 10 puts everyone agrees to 2337 points for the same series of tests, which is normal with a 1.7 GHz processor and 1.5 GB of RAM.

iPad 4 Retina

Anyway, with the iPad 4 Retina most everyday uses also benefit from this increase in power, such as surfing, even faster. The SunSpider test, which is used to calculate the contribution of the CPU processing Javascript in web pages, ends at 899.2 ms on the iPad 4 and takes 627.5 ms on the iPad 3. Despite its power, the Nexus gets a 10 score much worse with SunSpider (428.8 ms), indicating that power is not everything and that browser, OS and hardware are better optimized for Apple than Google / Samsung.


Beautiful autonomy

Resolved rise is even more significant that autonomy does not suffer. Thus, surfing Wi-Fi, iPad 4 Retina 64GB model gives backup for 9 hours 35 minutes or 10 minutes longer than its predecessor. Continuous playback of HD video the iPad 4 resists for 11 h 40 minutes, where the previous generation had breath in 8 h 45. On this point, the latest generation of the iPad pushes Nexus 10, which is a little over 9 hours of surfing Wi-Fi and 8 h 10 video.


The advantage of the App Store

If Google Play Store became stronger every day, and reached the milestone of 700,000 applications, almost matching the App Store, it must be recognized that beyond the quantity and quality of the same apps available, the App Store Apple still wins the bet with the 275,000 apps designed for the iPad, which is displayed perfectly on the screen of the tablet and leverage the best of its resources.


The verdict

The iPad 4 Retina is an update to a true new iPad, even if it marks the transition to the new connector Lightning. Would recommend it to those who seek power for work or play, those who possessed the iPad 2 and hesitant to make the leap to the iPad 3 and, of course, to all those who want to discover what the universe shelves to best offer … even if prices (already consistent) have been revised slightly upwards.

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