New JellyBean 4.2 Improved protection against Malware: Review

One of the supposed weaknesses of our operating system is none other than the malware , a fact that while there has been shown that it is also true that less frequently than dictate many ways and therefore it is a topic Where Android has harshly attacked. But some time Google is working on security systems and is implementing protection against malware, first it did in the Google Play Store and now with the advent of JellyBean 4.2, which will make it more focused on the device, so that many will remove the fear that Android is the new similar Windows and is full of viruses.

New JellyBean 4.2
And the “ease” with which developers can upload their apps in the Google Store in contrast to other repositories of competition is not always beneficial and perhaps more malware can sneak desired. So the new version of JellyBean 4.2 will directly control the device that will complement the controls in PlayStore itself.
First we have a scanner, which is like a classic antivirus that check the downloaded application before installing it just so that we know at all times if it contains malware inside, this will help Google servers to check whether the application contains virus looking a line of code that automatically sends the terminal, so that the work will be all external and not slow down the phone, running everything perfectly whenever we have internet access. This would cause if they find traces of malicious code could automatically stop App installation ensuring that we will not be infected. This system is optional (like most of what comes from Google, which does not impose anything …) and can activate the first time we install an application or from our adjustments when we want.

Another new feature in new JellyBean 4.2 is the control of the apps that are dedicated to sending SMS to numbers in order to get money, therefore in the event that an irregularity will be notified immediately to your Android JellyBean 4.2 device.

New JellyBean 4.2
Last but not least we have a change in the display of permissions when installing a new application that will allow us to check the permissions we are requiring the application when installed, making it easier to check a strange permission us for an application (if the application is drawing, you do not need access to your Google Wallet).
As we have seen Google make no holes when comes to security and we are sure that malware affecting Android is reduced greatly because of it, what about you do you think? Have you had any viruses on Android?

Well, this was all about ne changes and advantages of all new JellyBean 4.2.

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