New Nexus 7 tablet from Google unveiled

Google in collaboration with Asus is going to launch its second generation tablet. The Nexus 7 will be the new version of tablet that Google Inc is planning to launch by mid of this year. Google, the internet giant, gets most of its revenue from online advertising would be looking at shipping as many as 8 million tablets getting more exposure for Google’s ads. This will be the second generation tablet from Google which will replace the earlier tablet that may get discontinued. The company is expecting to replicate its smartphone success in a competitive mobile market which currently dominated by Kindle Fire and iPad.

Google Nexus 7

The main features that are likely to be introduced in the new version of Nexus tablet would be larger screen with higher resolution, thinner and narrower bezel design and of course the price. It is evident that in terms of the screen resolution the new Nexus tablet will give tough competition to other tablets including Apple’s first-generation iPad mini. Need to see though how it is going to compete with Apple iPad mini with Retina Display. The earlier version on Nexus tablet released last year had Nvidia processor, but Google has decided to go with the Qualcomm chip this time. This is going to be a big blow to Nvidia, looks like Google has preferred Qualcomm for power reason. Google has not confirmed anything beyond this regarding its decision on the change in processor.

The company has not publicly published information on the new Nexus tablet, however the details about the timing and sales targets for Google’s new tablet have been unveiled first time.

The new Nexus tablet price is unknown yet but as per the sources Google’s plans to sell the new device with two different scenarios. It could sell the tablet for $199 same like it’s earlier Nexus tablet or could lower down the tablet price to $149 to make it more competitive. By the end of July this year the new Nexus tablet should be available in the market, we will review the features and keep you posted.

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