New Philips W732 Android smartphone: Specs and Features

Philips has officially announced a new smartphone i.e. Philips W732 that will run on Android and also highlight its great battery life. Below we have mentioned the characteristics and features of this Philips W732 smartphone.

Philips W732
Well, everyone knows that the Philips devices to market are not very prominent nor it belongs to basic performing level. The main objective of this company has always been basically overcome the deficiencies and shortcomings found in other devices. So with all this they have decided to present its new smartphone, the new Philips W732, which highlighted and much of the rest of terminals on the market today, as this new handset will come powered by a battery of no more and nothing less than a total of 2,400 milliamps, a battery, this battery will offer a total of up to 13 hours talk time and up to a total of 11 hours continuously browsing. Undoubtedly, the battery will be the highlight of this smartphone. This is something that should take more account of the leading manufacturers of smartphones, since the battery is one of the least developed and most sought public today.


Turning now to the rest of its specifications, Philips W732 is equipped with a LCD IPS display panel of a total size of 4.3 inches, which will provide a maximum resolution of a total of 800 × 480 pixels. Turning now to its most important part i.e. its core level, the new Philips W732 will be equipped with MediaTek MT6575 single core at a speed of 1 GHz processor.

Philips W732

In addition, it will also incorporate a rear camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels. Finally on the subject of connectivity, it comes equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. The interesting feature about this Philips smartphone that, it is running with the latest operating system from Google, Ice Cream Sandwich. The new Philips W732 will be available soon for the time being only in the Asian market, offering the possibility of acquiring a model with dual SIM. The price of this new Philips W732 is not yet revealed exactly and its release date is also unknown.

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