New record for biological data storage

Researchers at Harvard University have broken every record, store to get 700 Tbytes in a single gram of DNA.

DNA DATA biological storage

Scientists have long work on DNA as the storage medium. The potential is incredible because it is extremely dense, volumetric and as stable as a device to keep thousands of years without data loss.

The Harvard research and other storage-biological- DNA thinks like any other digital storage device but instead of binary data are encoded on a hard drive, here are synthesized strands of DNA where each of the bases ( TGAC) represent a binary value (T and G = 1, A and C = 0). To read the information stored in the DNA sequence only needs to be as if it were the human genome and convert each of the bases back into binary TGAC.

DNA DATA biological storage

Although today we look like a sci-fi technology provides a world where biological storage allows you to record anything and any size. The new record is 700 Tbytes using a gram of DNA. If we use hard disks of 3 Tbytes need a whopping 151 kg.

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