New Record for color printing: 100,000 dpi

A research team in Singapore has broken every record known for color printing using nanotechnology to achieve 100,000 dpi resolutions incredible.

If the inkjet printer consumption are medium resolution between 600 and 1200 dpi and more powerful industrial laser systems can reach up to 10,000 dpi, imagine what is the new brand.

The research uses nanosized metal structures so do not need inks or pigments such as printers.

Scientists explain that, “the resolution of printed images depends on the size of the nanodots of color and space that separates them. The smaller and closer the dots, the image resolution will”. Therefore believe they have reached the limit of resolution possible.

100,000 dpi

The best research comes from their future, and that the technique could be used also in the market for high-resolution displays and the high density optical storage.

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