New rotation buttons on Google Nexus 7: Designed for the game

For some users of Android, the smartphone device either tablet or handheld game console is a perfect and thanks to the great catalog of games and the power of the latest devices are able to put to good use in this field, but it seems that there were some drawbacks in the subject bar buttons. When playing, something that Google has seen and has improved, if you are gamers and are thinking of purchasing a Nexus 7, do not miss it!

Google Nexus 7

Since leaving Honeycomb and especially Ice Cream Sandwich we were able to incorporate tactile buttons system, manufacturers began to remove the physical buttons for making devices more stylized and with the possibility of having a larger screen as the touch button bar. Everything can be improved and this system had any objection, is that in certain applications where you need to have the terminal in the horizontal position especially in games (where you take the device in both hands, leaving the thumbs free to interact with the screen like a command) could accidentally press a button other than system and interrupt your game could close depending on the button to which you gave, especially in the Shooters is fairly common.

It seems that Google has considered all potential users of your new device and established an improved system of rotation of the toolbar, the advantage which the device is a perfect blend of phone and tablet uses a special configuration when we put the Nexus 7 horizontal and vertical that smartphones will not work for lack of space.

We can say that Android has two styles to showcase your button bar and status bar depending on whether the smartphone or tablet device was.

In tablet mode the button bar always stays below and never will with guidance so that we always have the status bar up and down buttons, thus being dependent on the orientation:

But on mobile the button bar moved with the portrait orientation and was down as was placed horizontally on one side or another depending on the direction of rotation, the status bar stayed up depending on the orientation which means that also moved, in addition to reducing and enlarging its size. Now we can say, Nexus 7 is most improved android tablets for gamers. So, if you are looking to buy this tab, then it would not be a wrong decision even you are going to enjoy better experience on Nexus 7.


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