New Software for the Canon 5D Mark III added the feature broadcast uncompressed video via HDMI

Canon has developed new software for its popular SLR camera Canon 5D Mark III, which will bring a number of very useful features to its owners. For example, operators demanded to function broadcast uncompressed video (YCbCr 4:2:2, 8 bit) via HDMI. Thanks to it, you can display the image in maximum quality on an external monitor, which is useful in some cases, especially if the camera is mainly used for video recording.

Canon 5D Mark III

In addition, it has refined AF system. New Firmware of Canon 5D Mark III allows the camera to adapt cross-type sensors for currently used lens. The company notes that this innovation will improve the experience of sports shooting or when shooting distant subjects, such as wildlife. Especially it will be useful when using telephoto lenses.

Firmware release is planned for the near future, though Canon has not revealed the exact release date for software update of Canon 5D Mark III.

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