New version of Kinect for Windows SDK

Microsoft has announced an updated Software Development Kit (SDK) for Kinect, which allows developers; businesses and organizations innovate with Kinect on their computers.

New version of Kinect for Windows SDK

In this issue we find support for Windows 8, support for VisualStudio 2012 and the new dot NET Framework 4.5, in addition to interesting Kinect support in Windows virtual machines, something that has been tested on Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware and Parallels.

In the new SDK, developers will have access to the accelerometer data through the API, and extended depth data provide details beyond distances of 4 meters. Another interesting feature is the possibility of using the infrared flux to calibrate other cameras for depth sensing or for capturing images in grayscale (not color) for low-light scenarios.

Microsoft has not only updated the Kinect for Windows SDK, but has also made the launch of this part of development in China.

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