New Voice Alarm System Bose Entero: Bose music quality to public address system

Bose, the well known brand in acoustic solutions has announced the new Entero voice alarm system. It brings the fantastic Bose music quality to public address system, paging and evacuation messages into an EN54 compliant package.

The BOSE ENTERO multi-channel power amplifiers are high performance amplifiers designed for use with all Bose professional loudspeaker systems. The amplifiers are suitable for professional multi-channel applications.

The bose system includes amplifiers, processing, a paging microphone and message stores. It also has a range of EN54-24 compliant loudspeakers in the FreeSpace DS range and EN54 compliant UPS units.

The Entero amplifiers accept both balanced and unbalanced inputs from TRS, XLR connections for the 4X00 series and stripped wire connections for the 440 and 840. The amplifier is available with optional Bose equalization cards series II which gives active equalisation for Bose professional loudspeaker systems.

New Voice Alarm System Bose Entero
New Voice Alarm System Bose Entero

The Entero Voice Alarm continuously monitors all voice-related loudspeaker lines, amplifiers and wiring, whilst checking the links to the fire detection system.

In an emergency, the system overrides the sound system’s current audio source, automatically issuing evacuation messages at an optimum volume and with clear speech intelligibility.

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