Nexus 10 64GB Confirmed

Samsung Korea has released a promotional image of the new electronic tablet Nexus 10 64GB that has made for Google, but in this case an unknown version of 64 Gbytes of storage capacity.

Nexus 10 64GB

It is not known if this is a misprint or a previous SKU because the image has been rectified by Samsung, but the fact is that a Nexus 10 64GB respond to repeated criticisms are rising against Google by the lack of support for micro SD cards.

A problem as witnessed with the Nexus 7 and to which Google responded by doubling the storage capacity, yes, no price increase.

Will it the same happen with the Nexus 10? Would be useful for many users and Google should rethink whether to removing memory cards from their devices.

Well, Nexus 10 64GB is almost possible. Recently, Google releases Nexus 32GB which points to the confirmation of rumor Nexus 10 with 64GB, as Google Nexus tablets are not featuring microSD card slot but people want more and more space so, this could be an alternative.

This was all about upcoming Nexus 10 64GB which will feature the same specs & features Nexus 10 32GB, nothing will be change rather than memory, in next generation Nexus tablet we might see the microSD card slot as Google is facing criticisms because of no microSD card slot in their device. What we can say regarding Nexus 10 64GB, that this another Good decision by Google and Samsung to bring the more memory version of large format tablet and more over, people who are thinking to buy Nexus 10 could wait for Nexus 10 64GB which would be appearing in the near future, so stay tuned for more updates regarding this device and at present nothing has been confirmed “the release date & price”.

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