Nexus 4 White Color Coming Soon

The smartphone Nexus 4 is breaking all sales records for Nexus line of Google. No doubt the value for money of this terminal is the best we’ve seen in a while.

Nexus 4 White

With a stock breaking major LG is manufacturing new shipments at full throttle in order to meet the demand of the terminal and apparently, not only will the current color, black, but so will blank the next December 13. Yes Nexus 4 White Color will be shortly appear in the market.

One of the operators TalkTalk has announced the smartphone Nexus 4 for booking and apparently will not come alone. As Samsung is pushing the sale of its smartphone Galaxy SIII with a sales kit tablet + mobile operator will offer the opportunity to purchase Nexus 4 White and Nexus 7 tablet once.

Well, it’s a good news for those who would buy Nexus 4 as there will be choice now for Nexus 4 White Color, of course this flagship Google Nexus smartphone will look more better.

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