Nexus 7 Vs iPad Mini: A Comparison

Leaving aside the issue of patents, which most of us do not mind anything, the fight between Apple and Google is at its peak, but really where we’re interested in devices and characteristics. Every day there are new rumors of a company, you get a quick response on the other with more rumors … For example, a button, and is the latest example fight are the iPad Mini, by Apple, Nexus 7, by Google. Today we bring you a comparison of these two amazing tablets. Below information will guide you through Nexus 7 Vs iPad Mini.

Nexus 7 Vs iPad Mini

Display comparison of Nexus 7 Vs iPad Mini:

Let’s start with the screen. Regarding the size, the clear winner is the iPad Mini, with 7.9 inches by 7 inches Nexus 7. Instead, in the resolution Google leads the medal in a pretty good 1280 x 800 pixels versus 1024 x 768 pixels of Apple device; it also does not come with Retina technology, which makes it lose many points. Moreover, the display incorporates a Corning glass coating in Nexus 7, which ensures easy no breakage thereof.

Design comparison between Nexus 7 Vs iPad Mini:

Regarding the design … for me there is a clear winner, the iPad Mini, and not only for its extremely attractive design, but by the quality components and materials used, which give it a beautiful finish and also resistant. In weight also wins the iPad, with only 308 grams compared with 340 for the Nexus 7.

Performance comparison Nexus 7 Vs iPad Mini:

As far as processing is concerned … because here there are substantial differences, while the Nexus 7 has a quad-core processor Nvidia Tegra 3, iPad Mini incorporates the already ‘ outdated ‘ two cores A5X iPad 2. So, Nexus 7 is verdict in performance.

Price comparison of Nexus 7 Vs iPad Mini:

Well this could almost be omitted from the comparison of what we already know, but here it goes. Exclusivity of Apple products has a price, and as always, is very expensive: the iPad Mini is priced at € 349 in 16GB version, while the Google Nexus 7 is available for 199 €, i.e 150 € of difference.

I do not know if what I have stated clarify your doubts about which tablet to buy, but as always, a matter of taste. If you’re a fan of Apple sure you’re on the iPad Mini, if you do not already have an iPad 2, if you like the design and you can afford to pay 150 € more, as well. Instead, you’re great processing power at a reasonable price, the Nexus 7 is yours.

This was all regarding the comparison of Nexus 7 Vs iPad Mini.

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