Nikon Android Cameras: Coming Soon?

Smartphones equipped with the 5 to 8-megapixel camera with auto focus and systems are no longer something surprising. However, Nikon has decided to surprise people and do the reverse operation. As the resource Nikon Rumors revealed a new camera device, in this case it has equipped its compact digital cameras with mobile operating system Google Android, which is usually used in smartphones, tablets, and sometimes – in the portable media player. So, the question is “will there be really Android Digital Camera or Smart Camera or Android running camera”? Well, we can imagine this device and it will not be that tough, but this will be the perfect surprise for music and camera lovers.

Nikon Android Cameras
According to available information, the Nikon engineers have prepared for release just two compact digital cameras in the family Coolpix, which use mobile operating system Android. One of the models will get a lens with a 12x optical zoom lens, and in the second case we use a lens with a 3x optical zoom. For these devices, and various are the minimum focal length and maximum aperture lenses for minimum and maximum focal length. As these Nikon Android Cameras are added to the Coolpix family they may be called as Nikon Coolpix Android Camera.
Detailed specifications of new Nikon Android Cameras products have not been disclosed. We only know that they will get a 3.5-inch touch screen technology-based OLED, with which, and will interact with the operating system Android 2.3.

Nikon Android Cameras

It is reported that the new Nikon Coolpix compact camera with Android on board may be officially announced by the manufacturer in August, but the company Nikon has not commented on this information.

This was all regarding upcoming Nikon Android Cameras or Coolpix Android camera, stay tuned for more updates.


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