Nikon CoolPix S9200 compact ultrazoom camera: Review & Specs

Nikon CoolPix S9200 doesn’t not offer the best performance in ultrazoom class but its pretty, well built, good enough and not too expensive. If you don’t want to spend more money and want to have ultrazoom camera then it could be a good solution for you.

The promise

Nikon CoolPix S9200

This Nikon CoolPix S9200 ultrazoom camera is promising 18x zoom which is not the most powerful, its 16-megapixel sensor is not as dense, compact is not the most rich feature. In short, it has everything one would expect from a device of its kind not innovate or offer more than its neighbor. If the card does not play in the best device category, Nikon CoolPix S9200 builds on a good finish, beautiful design and an attractive price. But what is it really?


Nikon CoolPix S9200 comes in Black, silver or bronze, except for the buttons to touch a little plastic and ergonomic improvement. The encoder is a bit light for our liking and we must press the “play” to start.

A perspective that lacks punch and processing digital noise a bit too far, this is the brand of Nikon CoolPix S9200 shots. If the device has good performance for general machine “family” viewing 100% of shots on a 30-inch screen shows a smoothing already present in 400/800 ISO and high ISO to 1600. However, the good general colorimetry and the use of the device – sharing photos via email or Facebook plus some occasional prints – will not be too out these small weaknesses.

Good optical correction, but clichés too neutral

Nikon CoolPix S9200 display

If it is not bad, the optical compact reveals a little too soft and this despite the fact that the zoom (18x) is one of the lowest in the competition which runs from 18x to 24x. So, the pictures are a bit flat, without much relief. It must be recognized that the Nikon color fringing and distortion at wide angle is well controlled.

Autofocus: correct photo, video soft

A little more than two seconds at start, but less than half a second to trigger neither fast nor slow, the Nikon CoolPix S9200 is in the small segment average. It is a different video where autofocus has trouble keeping the zoom in / out and tends to lose the sharpness of moving subjects or in low light. As for the screen, Nikon CoolPix S9200 has 921,000 points resolution. Not only the definition is good, but the display of beautiful colors and the antireflection coating is generally effective.

The verdict

Nikon CoolPix S9200

Champion of the category Sony HX20v, slaps Nikon CoolPix S9200 technically in all areas, it is from 100 to 130 euros cheaper. With a softer price, a real nice design and a technical correct, the COOLPIX S9200 is more suited to a market crisis where every euro counts. This was all regarding the one of the affordable ultrazoom camera i.e. Nikon CoolPix S9200 whose price is around € 299.

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